Saturday, September 4, 2010

Two blog awards!

I received this lovely award from Fleur! Thank you Fleur, you are so sweet :)

To qualify I need to tell you 7 facts about myself
Pass it onto 7 bloggers
1. I love to read, apart from crafting it's my favourite pass time.
2. I can't draw, plain and simple as that!
3. I love scented candles, if I was rich I would have tons of them everywhere.
4. I love to watch box sets, when I start I'm hooked!
5. I love to take photo's :)
6. I can't sew a straight line
7. I hate the smell of cheese and onion crisps since I was pregnant on my eldest son. Haven't eaten them since!

I would love to pass this award on to:

1. Dru
2. Nina
7. Lea

I also received this cute award from Lea! Thanks Lea, I'm honoured!

 To accept this award I need to:

1. Thank the person I received the award from.  Thank you Lea!!!
2. Copy the award to your blog
3. List 3 things you love about your self:
    I love that I always have a camera on hand for the special occassions.
    That I love to bake
    and finally I love that I can make an aweswome Sangria!
4. Post a picture that you love

This is a photo of my boys on their first day bac to school :)

5. Pass this award on to 5 others

Thank you ladies for the awards and sorry it took me so long to post them, I've been a really bad blogger lately. Hope you all have a fun weekend :)



Nina said...

thanks Jessie, I have a few of these I really need to get caught up on!! :O)

Nina said...

PS.. I can see why that is one of your fav pics, handsome boys! :O)